Fashion For Our Seasoned Ladies

Fashion For Our Seasoned Ladies

We wanted to do a little spotlight for our more "mature" ladies :) 
Both of our moms are constantly asking us about how to dress themselves. They want to look cute and in style, but they don't want to look like they're trying to be too young. Can anyone relate? Or has your mom expressed the same concerns? 
We're here to help! 
Mama Renee (co-owner Mary's mom) agreed to let us dress her up and show you some outfit ideas. She looks AH-MAZING, fashionable, and also age-appropriate. 
How cute is she in the Girl Power Tee? Worn with jeans, sneakers and add a blazer for a little something extra!
Here's another tee, the Queen Bey Tee. Seriously Renee, stop. being. so. cute.


Now on to're not ready for this.

Speechless. Look at her in this dress with SNEAKERS! This is literally our favorite thing to do. She looks so cute and casual, but would instantly looked dressed up by switching out the sneakers for heels. 10/10. 

LOVE this dress on her. We paired it with a casual small platform sandal. It could also be dressed up with heels!

Last but CERTAINLY lot least. We are sobbing over this one. Look at this dress!! She looks so classy and stunning in this lace dress, paired perfectly with the black heels to draw out the black in the waistband. 

A lot of older women worry about how to dress themselves properly, and Renee is the perfect example of how to do it. We have worn all of these pieces ourselves and Renee looks equally as stunning and appropriate in them. Pairing outfits with the right shoes and accessories brings the whole look together making you look and feel like the queen that you are!

We hope you continue to enjoy #wearingwelles and know that no matter how old you are, you can ALWAYS be in style :)


Mary and Krista